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Lucille's Gourmet Honey started with our Barrel-Aged Honey.  Raw local honey is put into barrels from local distilleries and aged to give the honey a deeper, richer flavor.

Check out our Recipes Page for some great ideas on how to use Lucille's Gourmet Barrel-Aged Honey.

Lucille's Gourmet Honey


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Local Honey is being sought out for its health benefits as well as an alternative sweetener to sugar.  We support local beekeepers by sourcing neutral-flavored honeys like Clover and Mountain Wildflower from them.  Whether it's barrel-aged or infused, each batch of honey starts with high quality local raw honey.  Fresh, natural ingredients are added to impart the flavors we are looking for.  Slowly the honey takes on flavors and creates a unique rich honey that is truly transformed.


We use Lucille's Gourmet Honey to enhance our food and cocktail recipes giving them depth and complexity. 


Find our favorites on the Recipe page.

We Love to Recycle






Bring your clean empty jar and lid back to any local farmers market where we have a booth set up and we'll give you $1 off your next purchase.  Each set is worth $1, and there's no limit.  If you have 3 sets, you'll save $3 on your next jar of Lucille's Gourmet Honey.  Check out Where We'll Bee below for a list of upcoming events. 

Where We'll Bee

Love Local

Farmers Market

4pm - 9pm

July 8, August 13  

8839 Small Gang Lane 

Tumwater, WA. 98501


Puyallup Farmers Market

Until October 9th

Every Saturday 9am-2pm

My second year at this popular market, I look forward to seeing every one of you who came out last year to support your local businesses.  Thank you!!  Get additional details on the Puyallup Farmers Market Facebook page link below.

Tumwater Farmers Market

Every Sunday 10am-3pm

Until September 26th

This is my first year at this market.  Can't wait to meet all the good people in the Tumwater/Olympia area.  *Note I will not be at this market July 4th or August 1st.  For more information, click the link below.

Sunrise Village Market

Every Tuesday 4pm-8:30pm

Until September 7th

Third year at this great market.  Back through the buildings and they'll have live music again this year!!  Can't wait to see you all there.

Kent Station Market

Every Wednesday 4pm-8:30pm

July 14 - August 25th

First year at this market, I'm looking forward to something north of Sumner!!  Can't wait to let all you new customers try Lucille's Gourmet Honey.  Looks like free concerts too!  See ya there!

Batch #2 Beer Tasting

Well COVID has thrown a big 'ol wrench into the system, hasn't it?  We're still hoping to have a Release Party with East to West Brewing, if they haven't already drank all the beer.  Check back to see when that gets finalized.  Or better yet, we'll send you and invite directly when you sign up for our mailing list.

Batch #4 Beer Tasting

Batch #4's barrel is full of white stout at Rail HopN in Auburn, WA as we speak.  We're looking to schedule this in the summer of 2021, so you need to get on the mailing list soon.  In the meantime, check out this video:


YouTube Channel?

That's right, Lucille's Gourmet Honey has some great food and cocktail recipes up on YouTube.  Subscribe to our channel to get the latest and greatest.  Let us know what your favorite recipes are and we may feature them in an upcoming video.

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