The Rainier Valley has a proud tradition of growing hops.  By 1882, local resident Ezra Meeker had cornered the world-wide hop market when British crops had failed.

"[In 1867] I planted four acres, and for twenty-six successive years thereafter we added to the area planted, until our holdings reached past the five-hundred-acre mark and our production was over four hundred tons a year. None of us knew anything about the hop business, and it was entirely by accident that we engaged in it" (Meeker and Driggs, p. 201).

Hops and beer are great traditions here in the Pacific Northwest.  In keeping with that tradition, Lucille's Gourmet Honey introduces Hopped Gourmet Honey.  This will be a limited edition run each year utilizing local hops from the region.  In 2022, Cascade Hops were used in the making of our very first batch of Hopped Honey.  Because the batch is small, you don't want to miss out on getting a jar or two.  And the best way is to get on the mailing list, where all new product notifications go out first.  Even before online sales begin.

Quoted material courtesy of Paula Becker and essay 7742.