Its all about the Flavor!

The first product in our Infused Honey Line is Lucille's Habanero Infused Honey.  Raw Local Honey is steeped with Fresh Habaneros

to give you a great pepper flavor before the heat kicks in.

It's hot, but doesn't overpower the flavor - or your taste buds.

Check out our Recipes Page for some great ideas on how to use Lucille's Habanero Infused Honey.

Lucille's Barrel-Aged Honey

We are committed to Local! 

Products, Businesses and People.


Local Honey is being sought out for its health benefits as well as an alternative sweetener to sugar.  We support local beekeepers by sourcing neutral-flavored honeys like Clover and Mountain Wildflower.  Each batch of honey is placed in a freshly-emptied barrel from a different local Distillery.  Slowly it takes on flavors from the barrel, creating a uniquely deep, rich honey that is truly transformed.


We're proud to be part of a process that extends the life of our barrels.  We call this the Bee-cycle.   Scroll down to see the steps our barrels go through  and follow the progress and transformation of our barrels by batch here on our website.


We use Lucille's Gourmet Barrel-Aged Honey to enhance our food and cocktail recipes to give them depth and complexity. 


Find our favorites on the Recipe page.

Where We'll Bee

Puyallup Farmers' Market

Saturdays - April 18 to October 17

Starting out the Spring with a BANG!  We'll be at the Farmers Market for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons!  Because of COVID, the market has been relocated to the southwest corner of the South Hill Mall Parking Lot, just south of the old SEARS building.  Don't forget to bring your empty Lucille's jar/lid with you for $1 off your next purchase.

SEARS Parking Lot

South Hill Mall

Batch #2 Bee-r Tasting

We're getting really close to finalizing the date for East to West Brewing's Release Party for their beer made in Lucille's Batch 2 whiskey barrel.  Be the first to get the details by signing up for our mailing list.



We love hearing from our customers.  Whether it's how you are enjoying Lucille's or what you'd like to see next, drop us a line and let us know.

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