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Lucille's Honey

Quality you can taste.


At Lucille's Honey, we feel it's important to start with high quality local raw honey.  We don't filter or pasteurize the honey so it can retain all those raw honey antibodies and nutrients.


Fresh, natural ingredients are added to impart the flavors we are looking for.  Slowly the honey takes on flavors and creates a unique richness that is truly transformational.


You can use Lucille's Honey as you would traditional honey, but we encourage you to use it as a sugar substitute when cooking or baking.


  Lucille's Honey will enhance your food and cocktail recipes, giving them depth and complexity. 


If you need some inspiration, find our favorites on the Recipe page.

Our namesake, my grandmother Lucille
Where We'll Bee

Where We'll Bee

Tacoma Night Market

November 25th

5pm - 10pm

Freighthouse Square

602 E 25th St

Tacoma, WA 98421

** Free Parking in the garage west of FHS **


Supporting each other

From the beginning, the philosophy behind Lucille's Barrel-Aged Honey has always been about supporting local small businesses by purchasing and promoting their products.


Buying raw honey from local bee keepers ensures our product provides the unique antibodies and nutrients customers in our region seek out for allergy management.


We trade cases of honey for whiskey barrels with local distilleries.  Stickers on the back of the jars indicate that the honey was aged in a barrel from their distillery, which gives them a unique product to sell in their tasting room.  They also create cocktails to feature our honey for their tasting room and we share those on our recipe page! 


Scheduling beer release tasting parties when it comes out of the barrel allows our customers to discover new local breweries they might not have been aware of.  Sign up for our Mailing List, it's the best way to get invited to all the Beer Release parties!


Passing along the barrels free of charge to our local craftsman enables him to keep costs low.  The publicity on our website, and word of mouth at the farmers markets, helps him gain new customers to whom he can offer special order custom pieces.

Check out our lid label to see all the info detailing which local small businesses collaborated with us on the batch of Lucille's Gourmet Barrel-Aged Honey

you are currently enjoying.

We Love to Recycle






When you come to the farmers markets listed above, bring your clean empty jar and lid with you and you'll get $1 off your next purchase.  Each set is worth $1, and there's no limit.  If you have 3 sets, you'll save $3 on your next jar of Lucille's Honey. 

YouTube Channel?

That's right, Lucille's Honey has some great recipes up on YouTube.  Click on the YouTube button to go directly to our channel.  Stay tuned to the very end of our videos for a special message from Lucy Bee herself!  Let us know your favorite way to use Lucille's Honey.

Your recipe may be featured in an upcoming video!

Mailing List

Join our Mailing List to get updates on tastings, market appearances, beer release parties, upcoming batches, new recipes and much more.




We love hearing from our customers.  Whether it's how you are enjoying Lucille's or what you'd like to see next, drop us a line and let us know.

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