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Hand crafted in small batches


Barrel-Aging gives our honey a deeper, richer flavor than regular raw honey.  Subtle notes of vanilla, oak and whiskey are present, but not overpowering.

We can only put 45 gallons of honey into each barrel, which yields around 70 cases - something to savor and enjoy.

Lucille's Honey is the only company that repurposes our barrels three times.  Check out our About Page to see how we extend the life of our barrels while supporting local small businesses.

Why barrel age honey?

Seasonal micro batches

We like to experiment with new ideas.  From time to time there will be what we'd call micro batches of different infused honey.  These micro batches will only be available seasonally as the fresh local ingredients are available.


  Our first batch was Lucille's Hopped Gourmet Honey.  The flavor starts sweet and then you get amazing floral notes from the hops, with that touch of bitterness hops are known for. It has a nice round flavor without being overpowering.

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