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Hat Vendor Spotlight

A couple of years ago I wanted to get some embroidered hats made to wear at the farmers markets. I like fitted baseball hats, not the adjustable ones, so I was looking for a place that could embroider on a couple of blank fitted hats I'd purchased online. A friend of mine referred me to All Color Screen Printing and Embroidery, not too far from where we both had shops on 112th in Tacoma, WA.

I met Corey on my first visit and told him what I was looking for - a "puffy" embroidery of my Lucy Bee logo on a fitted ball cap. The puffy style is different from traditional embroidery in that it's raised up higher than normal to give it a unique look. It requires a different file than a regular embroidery job, so Corey explained that would be an extra one-time set up fee.

I just wanted a few hats done at first - a couple fitted ones for me and then some snapbacks to sell at the farmers market. I didn't want to commit to a big run of hats and then not be able to sell them. All Color was able to work with me on doing a run that was less than their typically required minimum. These guys are great at working with their customers to figure out solutions!

Well it turns out the hats were a success, the customers loved them. During the winter we decided to run some bee-nies and the folks at All Color were very helpful finding some really cool styles, including a stripped black and yellow - which has turned out to be the most popular of the bee-nies.

Since that first run, we've gone through two rounds of Trucker hats and currently have our third round of bee-nies on sale. This weekend, we'll have the latest Trucker hat round available as well - featuring yellow mesh and stitching.

Here's a little video of Lucy getting stitched onto the hat.

If you need any screen printing or embroidery work, I highly recommend Corey, Derek and the crew at All Color Screenprinting & Embroidery -

Come on out and get your trucker hats while they last!

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