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The new stickers are here!

You've probably felt the excitement as a kid at Christmas time. All the anticipation leading up to Christmas morning when Santa has made his delivery and you can't wait to open up the present. Well now you know how I feel when I place an order with Sticker Giant and I come home to find the box sitting on my porch!

A couple of years ago I ordered some Lucy Bee stickers. Mainly to give to kids (and a few sad parents who didn't know there were stickers) at farmers markets. I also started putting them into the boxes when I shipped out online orders as a nice little surprise.

Over the winter I was bored and decided to make a giveaway sticker for Lucille's Habanero Honey. I just call him "The Hottie", but he was originally designed to differentiate the jars of honey by the lid.

I thought this was a great idea until a customer told me recently that her husband had inadvertently switched the lids and instead of a big scoop of Ginger Infused honey, she put Habanero Honey into her tea. Meddling spouses aside, The Hottie is still a good way to visually distinguish Habanero from Barrel-Aged.

After designing The Hottie sticker, I was still overburdened with free time. I decided to create a completely separate character for Lucille's Ginger Infused honey. I mostly put the ginger infused honey on fish, so I figured that would be a good character. Since the color for Lucille's Ginger Infused honey is purple, the fish should be too. And in keeping with the design, the body of the fish is the same shape as The Hottie, who is the same shape as Lucy Bee. You probably didn't notice that (kudos if you did), but now you will never NOT see it. Just like the arrow in the FedEx logo!!

Let us all rejoice, the new stickers are here! Maybe your kids will wave back at me when I wave to them and get one at the farmers market? Or you'll find some hiding in your next online order box? Who doesn't love stickers?

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