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Lucy Logo Bee-nies!

I don't know about you, but I can't stand it when my ears are cold. I wear beanies all winter long for just that reason. Now I've got to coolest beanies on the planet - featuring Lucy the Bee!

The black bee-nie with yellow embroidery is your choice for formal occasions. It goes with everything AND keeps your head warm on those crisp Northwest autumn nights. You will be the envy of all when you wear your black Lucy Logo Bee-nie.

The yellow bee-nie with black embroidery is for those who like a little pop of color while keeping their head dry and warm. Wear this one to the local high school football game and your head will be happy the entire game.

The striped bee-nie with yellow emboidery says "Here I am, look at me!" You will definitely get noticed wearing the yellow Lucy Logo Bee-nie. And everyone will want to know where you got that cool hat.

Each of the hats is made of machine-washable acrylic. They are available at the farmers markets I'll be at (check the "Where we'll BEE" section on main page for all the locations) and you can order them online at

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