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Our Jar & Lid are worth $1!

If you're familiar with our barrel journey story, you know we love to recycle. Well now we are taking our love a bit further. We're going to add to our own recycling efforts!! We purposefully use glass jars for our honey because they are recyclable. But now you can benefit even more from our glass receptacles! When you're finished with your jar of Lucille's Gourmet Barrel-Aged Honey, wash out the jar and rinse off the lid. Bring it with you to any of our tastings or Farmers Markets and we'll give you a dollar off your next purchase.

We get to reuse the jars and you save on your favorite honey. This offer is good for each jar and lid you bring back to us with the original labels on them. Which means if you bring us back three of our jars, you'll get $3 off your next purchase. We post all of our tasting and market events on the home page of our website, so check there for our next event!

Right now we can only offer this in person, but we'll work to get this process incorporated into our retail locations as well. Thanks for helping us in our recycle efforts.

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