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Public Apology to Jon Taffer

You know those times where a bad thing actually ends up being a good thing? Well keep reading and I'll tell you about one of those times that it recently happened to me.

I think Jon Taffer is a great guy. His show Bar Rescue is one of my favorites. He's got a proven track record and really knows his stuff when it comes to bars and cocktails. More importantly, he is an expert on the business side behind all of that, which is where most bars fail. Why people don't take his advice is beyond me.

When I found out Jon was doing a series of Tik Tok videos entitled "Taffer Tries It" where he tries products from small businesses, I couldn't wait to send him my three Lucille's Gourmet Honey products. A few months went by and I figured nothing had come of it. But then at the end of May I started getting internet orders from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada... I thought what in the heck is going on all of a sudden. And then I saw in my email that Jon had tried the honeys and the video had been released on Tik Tok.

Jon liked the honey. "Lucille's Barrel-Aged Honey. Do they get a Shut It Down or not? No Shut It Down. You know this was good. You know, anybody who does something unique like this - infusing barrels and honey, and creating new flavors. I'm all for it. The flavor is good. I'd buy this Corey." Well you can imagine how I felt after watching that video? THE Jon Taffer actually liked my honey. Quite a compliment. But if you watched the video, as apparently 31,700 people have so far, you might have noticed he didn't try the Ginger Infused Honey. In the comments, lots of other people noticed too. Chad K said "Jon did the first one twice." El Cholo said "You missed one." Kras358 said "Anyone noticed he tried the first one twice I can't be the only one to notice this." Mariojuarez667 said "my dude every1 and their momma wants to know about the 3rd one." There were some other meaner comments, but Jon kept it classy and only responded to Reaper 98's comment "he didn't touch the last honey bottle he went for the jalapeño one twice" with "Taffer tries it 2/3 I suppose!"

So now here's where I make my public apology to Mr. Taffer. The label on the Habanero was the first version of the label and it was a bit confusing. Let me show you what I mean.

At first I wanted the Lucille's logo to be different colors to reflect the flavor of the honey. But notice "Habanero" is in really small type? This was very confusing to people because they saw "Infused" instead of Habanero. And when Jon also saw Infused but not Habanero, I knew I had to make a change. Here's the new label.

Just to make sure people don't confuse the Habanero for one of the other flavors and accidentally put it on their oatmeal or yogurt in the morning, I also have a different lid label to indicate the contents.

So I apologize, Mr. Taffer, for the confusion. But thanks to you, as well, for demonstrating a flaw in my labeling. Look how many ways you've helped me with this video of yours!! Many thanks. Hopefully one day I'll get to meet you and thank you in person.

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