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The Wait Is Over!!

I am very happy to announce that our Lucille's Habanero Infused Honey is now available!!

It starts out sweet, then your mouth gets a great habanero taste before the heat kicks in. It's not so hot that you can't feel your tongue, but it lets you know it's there!

This Hot Honey starts out with 480 pounds of high quality local honey. Next we added over 20 pounds of fresh habanero peppers. A little Apple Cider Vinegar rounds out the flavor and gives it that "drizzling" consistency. The honey gets

heated in our large tank to infuse those flavors before the seeds and pepper bits get filtered out and the honey gets put into jars.

One of the hurdles in bringing this honey to market was trying to find a commercial kitchen to prepare it. When you mix anything into honey, it needs to be done in a kitchen approved by the Health Department. We were lucky enough to be able to use the kitchen at Top of the Hill Produce in Renton.

Because of their generosity, Lucille's Habanero Infused Honey is available exclusively at Top of the Hill Produce for the month of February before it goes on sale in other locations starting in March. In keeping with our recycle mentality, all the habanero seeds and pepper bits we filter out of the honey were given to Top of the Hill's Meat Market to go into sausage or whatever delectable treat they come up with, so stay tuned for updates on that as well.

Go visit Jackie and Damu and the rest of the great folks at Top of the Hill Produce and tell them you're looking for Lucille's Habanero Infused Honey!

This versatile honey can be used on just about anything you want that requires an extra kick of heat. Try it on Chicken Wings, Grilled Salmon or Fresh Baked Cornbread. Drizzle it over Sauteed Shrimp, Pulled Pork or your favorite Pizza! Use it to make a compound butter and put that on top of your steak! How about drizzling it over popcorn before you sit down to enjoy your next movie? Check out our Recipe Page for information.

Thanks for waiting, and I look forward to seeing how you are using Lucille's Habanero Infused Honey. Drop us a line on the Contact Page or tag us on Instagram @lucilleshoney.

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Oh my goodness! I’ve found a new love. Picked this up yesterday at the Puyallup Farmers Mkt…. so yum! This morning I added it to my Sunday morning coffee. Perfection! A warm cup of spice to start a rainy morning. Thank you for this creation!!! Amazing!


This honey is amazing. I bought it at our Farmers Market last weekend and could not wait to get home and use it. I put it in Vanilla Greek yogurt and it was awesome. A little sweet and a little spicy.

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