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Try It Before You Buy It

We had a great time meeting everyone at H&L Produce on Friday, September 7th. Customers were able to sample Lucille's Barrel-Aged Honey and experience the rich honey with notes of oak, whiskey and vanilla. Check out our Retailers Map on the Shop page to see where you can pick up your jar of Lucille's Honey. We have left sample vials with all of our suppliers, so ask if you can try it before you buy it. We're confident you'll fall in love with it from that first taste.

From time-to-time you can find us sampling Lucille's Barrel-Aged Honey at these retailers. We like to let people see what the honey tasted like before it went into the barrel and then how it completely transforms while it's in the whiskey barrel. We even let them see how Lucille's can enhance their recipes by letting them sample our version of Bacon Jam - which can be found in our Recipe Section if you'd like to make some for yourself.

If you can't find Lucille's Barrel-Aged Honey at your favorite retailer, ask them to get in touch with us so they can stock it. Thank you for supporting your local small businesses!!

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